Micro Four Thirds Lenses on Display

I found this display of micro four thirds lenses by a variety of manufacturers in the Panasonic booth at CES, and I thought that some of you would appreciate how this catalog of glass has grown recently.


How many of these do you have?

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There are a few more lenses they haven't included like the SLR Magics and Samyang/Rokinon plus a few other specialist lenses, and surprisingly their own Lumix 14-42 X kit lens. To answer your rhetorical question, I've got 3 Lumix and 2 M.Zuiko lenses so far.

We rarely see/hear Olympus and Panasonic referencing each other when talking about Micro Four Thirds; it's nice to see when they do.

And to answer your question: more than I care to admit! :)