In-Depth Review of Sony RX1 by James Duncan Davidson

Photographer James Duncan Davidson has been carrying the Sony RX1 since the early days of its release and has published his findings in the article, Sony DSC-RX1 Review.

sony_rx1_w_viewfinder.jpg Sony RX1 with optical viewfinder photographed at Photokina by Derrick Story.

A few things to note about Duncan's review. First, he's a working photographer who travels a great deal. So his perspective is very fitting for a full-frame sensor camera that fits in your jacket pocket. Also, if you have a Retina Display Mac, the sample images in his post take advantage of the pixel density of those laptops, and they are absolutely beautiful.

The Sony RX1 lists for $2,800, so it's not an impulse buy. But after reading Duncan's review and enjoying the pictures captured with it, you might find it a bit harder to resist.

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His images are gorgeous; unbelievably sharp. But the camera is too much for my blood.