Overpasses of Interstate 5

As I travel up and down the interior of California, I notice something different each trip. As the lighting shifts, colors change, and sky evolves, landmarks look different from day to day. One thing that remains constant are the solid, concrete overpasses that allow vehicles to traverse the Interstate without disruption.


As a way to occupy myself during my 450 mile journey, I photograph the overpasses as I approach and pass through. You may think that all of the shots would look the same. But they don't. And the simple designs of the overpasses complements a variety of landscapes and lighting conditions.

Passing Under

I think these would make an interesting series of big prints, so you could feel their impressive bulk. Maybe dedicate a wall of the studio to a series. Some viewers would be intrigued by them, and others would ask, "Why do you take pictures of overpasses?"

Green Trim

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Yep, I have the same affliction. Overpasses, bridges, buildings, etc.

Fun stuff.

Tom Devlin

The sky and clouds provide a great backdrop in all the photo's. Thanks for sharing

I love them, Derrick -- they _should_ be printed big! ;)