"So God Made a Photographer" Video - Santa Fe Workshops

Here's an ode to the Super Bowl Chrysler ad, "Farmer," created by the Richards Group. But this time the subject is "photographer."

I enjoyed this. Hope you do too.

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Well done, props to them for making it clear that they were paying homage and that it was a call to the value of what we do.

We may not feed people like the farmer, but we preserve the memories the will feed future generations. Providing connection to the realities we face today who we were, what we saw and what we loved.

I echo what Wes said.

Thank you Derrick, Wes, and John. I was so touched by "The Farmer," in what it conveyed regarding the power of the still image, and we wanted to pay tribute to photographers everywhere. Wes, I love your sentiment about us "preserving the memories that will feed future generations."