"DIY Portrait Studio, Model Releases, Lens Shade Trick" - Photo Podcast 369

This week on The Digital Story: DIY home portrait studio, model releases, lens hood as an LCD shade, all of this... and more!

Story #1 - DIY Home Portrait Studio. We'll cover this over the course of a few installments. Today, I'm going to to discuss the space itself. Most enthusiast photographers don't have the luxury of setting up a dedicated room for a portrait studio. There might be multi-use space available. So quick set up and breakdown become important.

Attributes to look for include: natural lighting, at least 10' x 12' floor space, minimum 8' ceilings (higher is better), temperature control, closet space to store equipment when not in use, and nearby bathroom to serve as changing room.

Story #2 - Model Releases. For every set-up portrait you arrange, you want to secure a model release. This document includes text granting permission by the subject for you to use the photo in a variety of ways. I get model releases for hired subjects, friends, and even family.

Story #3 - Lens Hood as LCD Shade Trick - Reviewing your photos on the camera's LCD screen in bright sunlight can be very discouraging. You can help minimize glare by placing a lens hood over the LCD and looking through that.

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