"Lightroom 5, Aperture on iPad, Interview" - Digital Photography Podcast 378

This week on The Digital Story: Aperture on your iPad and a Lightroom 5 preview with Chris Orwig. All of this and more on The Digital Story podcast.

Story #1 - Serving Up Aperture on Your iPad - You can browse your entire Aperture library on an iPad, and even grab the photos you need, using the iOS app Plex ($4.99) and the free Plex Media Server for your Mac.

This clever software provides a variety of streaming options for photos, music, and movies. But it can also peer directly into your Aperture or iPhoto library, and serve up organized content on to your iOS device. I talk about it in the first story this week.

Story #2 - An Interview with Chris Orwig about Lightroom 5. I cornered Chris while working at lynda.com to discuss the upcoming release of Lightroom 5. Chris is a Lightroom expert, and had plenty to say about the new release.

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