Listener Q&A - Remote Release for Olympus OM-D

TriggerTrap for the Olympus OM-D

A common TDS Podcast listener question lately has been, "What type of cable release do you use for your Olympus OM-D E-M5? The answer is: Triggertrap Mobile for my iPhone.

Available in iTunes for free (as well as Google Play for Android), Triggertrap connects to the OM-D via a dongle designed for the camera that can be purchased online for about $30. Once you've made the connection, you can control the OM-D with the iPhone.

There are more than 15 different modes for the app, everything from a standard remote release to sound trigger and more. I've used Triggertrap with good success for the Live Time mode on the OM-D. It's a terrific app, and the dongle takes up very little room in your bag.

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