"3rd Party Batteries, Affordable Ballhead, Workshops" Digital Photography Podcast 380

This week on The Digital Story: 3rd Party Camera Batteries, Joby Ballhead X, and Workshops Update. All of this and more on The Digital Story podcast.

Story #1 - 3rd Party Camera Batteries: Are They Worth Buying? I've been testing a variety of 3rd party batteries, including the Premium Tech 2 Pack Battery And Charger Kit For Olympus OM-D E-M5 ($25), Wasabi Power Battery for Canon LP-E6 ($15) for Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 6D, EOS 7D, EOS 60D,and the Power2000 (for the Canon NB-9L in the PowerShot N).

My overall experience has been good with them. In everyday use, I'm noticing comparable performance and drain times. The Wasabi cells for the 60D behave in the camera the same as those made by Canon, including menu status of percentage of power left and battery health. The Premium Tech cells for the OM-D do require their own charger, unlike the Wasabi that uses the standard Canon charger, but other than than perform as well as the original Olympus battery.

With typical cost savings well over half price, I see no reason why not to try the previously mentioned cells, especially for your backup batteries.

Story #2 - Joby Ballhead X - I originally used the Joby Ballhead X ($69) on the Joby Focus flexible tripod. But I liked it so much that I got a second head for the lightweight tripod I use for location work.

Ballhead X is compatible with Arca-Swiss quick release plates, holds up to 11 pounds of camera, is constructed of high quality machined metal, looks great, and includes a separate panning control allowing me to use it for video work. Plus it works great with the $20 Joby UltraPlate. I think it's a great value at $69.

Story #3 - Workshops Update - We had a great time last weekend during the TDS Movie Making for Photographers Workshop covering the Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Festival. Upcoming events include the Advanced Workshop for the Big-Q BBQ competition in July, Sonoma Coast Workshop in August, and still a couple seats available for the Fall Photography Workshop on October 20-22. All reservation forms are out for the Fall Photography Workshop, so if you didn't get one, be sure to write me immediately. We're also having the Aperture Intensive Workshop on November 16-17. You can still get on the Reserve List for that one.

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