Arca-Swiss Compatible Emerging as Best Quick Release

Manfrotto QR System

Manfrotto announced that its Top Lock Quick Release System is "compatible with Arca-style quick release plates and systems." This is big news in the world of tripods. And it seems like the only remaining question is (when it comes to tripod plates): do you put the hyphen in Arca-Swiss or not?

This isn't to belittle any of the other excellent products on the market. But the fact that accessory giant Manfrotto chose Arca-Swiss for its new Top Lock product is noteworthy. I switched to Arca-Swiss a while back when I fell in love with Joby Ballhead X, and now have standardized on Arca-Swiss.

Personally, I'm thrilled to see Manfrotto go this direction. Using one style quick release plate and having many different compatible options is exactly the scenario I like. is a down-to-earth resource for curious minded photographers. Submit your questions, and we'll post an answer.

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