CES Favorite - Pilot's ECO USBCELL Rechargeable Battery

The USBCELL rechargeable battery offers an eco-friendly alternative as can be reused hundreds of times, and no charger adaptor or cable are required. It uses lithium polymer technology so you get both state of the art and convenience. It was one of my 5 Favorite Innovations from CES 2016.


Instead of a copper top that's for branding only, the Pilot has a green cap that opens to reveal a USB connector that can plug into practically any mobile charger or even your laptop. Great for photographers and gamers who have open USB ports on their console. They can always have a fresh set of cells available for their controllers.

As an interesting sidenote, the Pilot ECO USBCELL is manufactured by Foxconn, the same folks who make millions of Apple's iPhones.

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