Why the Mavic Air is Brilliant

The future of enthusiast drone photography is unfolding, literally, before our eyes with the DJI Mavic Air, $799.


The movement took off with the diminutive DJI Spark, $399, which is a great aircraft for casual users such as myself. The Spark is compact, affordable, and well-designed. But it lacks features that enthusiast drone photographers want, such as RAW capture, a 3-axis gimble, 4K video, longer flight time, and internal memory... all of which the Mavic Air has, and in a package that folds smaller than the Spark.

Outdoor and adventure photographers now have an aircraft that they can stash in their backpacks that delivers top-notch images and video - and to be honest, at a price that seems reasonable to me.

DJI has their fingers on pulse of this growing market. Many Spark users who were recently introduced to the excitement of aerial photography will likely upgrade to the Mavic Air. Others, who have been holding out for portability and specification, will likely be tempted by this latest announcement.

For me, I'm still quite happy with my Spark. But if I ever needed to elevate my aerial photography, the Mavic Air would most likely be my choice.

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