"Inside Skylum: A Visit with Scott Bourne" - TDS Photo Podcast 649

This is The Digital Story Podcast #649, August 21, 2018. Today's theme is "Inside Skylum - A Visit with Scott Bourne." I'm Derrick Story.

Opening Monologue

Skylum Software, creators of Luminar and Aurora HDR, has established its U.S. headquarters in Bellevue, WA. I stopped by on my way to New York for a visit with Scott Bourne, Alex Tsepko, and the rest of the Skylum team who were there for the grand opening of the new office. And I thought you might also enjoy a peek behind the curtain. That's the top story on today's TDS photography podcast.

Inside Skylum - A Visit with Scott Bourne

I've been a big fan of Luminar since day one. So much so, that I wanted to be a part of the Skylum team as they continue to evolve it and their other products.

Among my responsibilites, I'm the moderator for the Skylum Photography Public Group on Facebook, the redesign project for their marketplace, and developing new outreach initiatives for them.

To share with you some of the things that I've learned during my time of working with Skylum, I sat down with Scott Bourne, President, to talk about where we've come and where we're headed.

IMG_2896.jpg Bellevue, Washington. Photos by Derrick Story.

P8161078.jpg Skylum U.S. HQ Photo Studio.

P8161068.jpg Team work area with break room in the background.

P8161083.jpg Scott Bourne, President (center), Alex Tsepko, CEO (right), and Scott M. Smedresman, lawyer (left).

Lexar Memory Cards are Coming Back from the Dead

Via Petapixel - "Back in June 2017, Micron announced that it would be discontinuing its entire Lexar removable storage business that included memory cards, readers, flash drives, storage drives, and more. A few months later, the Chinese company Longsys swooped in and acquired the brand. Longsys now says that Lexar will be returning from the grave.

Now a Longsys-owned business, Lexar announced this week that it's resuming full production of its products and will begin shipping to major retailers again this fall.

The product lineup will include memory cards, card readers, solid state drives (SSDs), and USB flash drives geared toward professional photographers and other creators.

You may recall a reference to this possibility back in June when I interviewed Wes Brewer, ProGrade CEO for the Fascinating ProGrade Digital Story.

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