"The Inside Scoop on Luminar 3 with Libraries" - Digital Photo Podcast 667

This is The Digital Story Podcast #667, Dec. 25, 2018. Today's theme is "The Inside Scoop on Luminar 3 with Libraries." I'm Derrick Story.

Opening Monologue

On Dec. 18, Skylum released the long-awaited Luminar with Libraries. What was originally perceived by customers as a Lightroom replacement proved to be an asset manager of a different type. Some love it, others are disappointed. Where you land on this spectrum depends on your needs. Helping you determine that is the focus of today's TDS Photography Podcast.

The Inside Scoop on Luminar 3 with Libraries


After being through the beta testing program, monitoring the online Skylum Public Photography Group, and preparing for my recent Nimble Classroom on the subject, I feel like I have a good handle on the first release of Luminar 3 with Libraries. I cover the highlights in the first segment of today's show.

The Portfoliobox Inspirational Photographer

I got to thinking about some of the great PortfolioBox photographers out there, and how they could inspire us both artistically, but also in terms of our presentation online. So I started digging.

Each week for the month of December, I'm going to feature an inspirational photographer who uses Portfoliobox as his/her platform for presenting their work. This week I want to point you to www.luigiquarta.com/. Luigi Quarta is a conceptual photographer, who uses photography as a means of expression to represent concepts, feelings, and moods.

He writes about Portfoliobox, "Portfoliobox has a modern design that I like a lot and is very easy to use. It's really a great platform to open your personal website."

If you've signed up for a Portfoliobox Pro account, and have published at least one page, then send me the link to that site. Use the Contact Form on the Nimble Photographer and provide your name, the link, and the subject of the page or site you've published. I will add it to our PortfolioBox Pro Directory.

To create your own Portfoliobox site, click on the tile or use this link to get started. If you upgrade to a Pro site, you'll save 20 percent off the $83 annual price.

What Are Your Real Life Shots of 2018?

As photographers, we have this unique opportunity to see our lives in ways that others cannot. Find those real life moments, look at them, then think about what you want to do this coming year. Here's why.

I've Booked Our Accommodations for the Joshua Tree Workshop this Coming March

We have two more spots on the reserve list for the Joshua Tree High Desert Adventure this coming March. Full itineraries go out this week to reserve list members.

The Adobe Rockpile is located conveniently on the way to Joshua Tree National Park,just minutes from the west entrance. Enjoy our Hammock,hot tub,views, and desert scenery!This Property is the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, nature, and high desert style.

The Adobe Rockpile is located in the most beautiful neighborhood in the hills of Yucca Valley. It feels like you are out in the national park, but are only one to two miles away from all the in-town amenities. Surrounded by open space, boulders and other custom homes with plenty of space in between, you will feel all the comforts of home and more in this neighborhood.

If you want to join us in March, If you want to join us in 2019, and I hope you do, please visit the Workshops Signup Page and place your $100 deposit. That will secure your ability to attend when official registration begins.

Updates and Such

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