"Photography and Copyright - An Interview with Maggie Hallahan" - Podcast 674

This is The Digital Story Podcast #674, Feb. 12, 2019. Today's theme is "Photography and Copyright - An Interview with Maggie Hallahan." I'm Derrick Story.

Opening Monologue

The online world has changed the business landscape for artists who care about protecting their intellectual property. But there are reasonable, affordable steps that you can take to protect your images from being used by others without your permission. And on this week's show, I talk with professional photographer Maggie Hallahan about those very steps. I hope you enjoy the show.

Photography and Copyright - An Interview with Maggie Hallahan

Even though Maggie's client list include big names like Microsoft, the things she's learned to prepare her for those jobs can help us in our everyday photography projects. In this interview, Maggie covers the specific steps that she takes to copyright her images.

Maggie-hallahan-web.jpg Maggie Hallahan

You can learn more about Maggie by visiting her site, mhpv.net.

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TDS Workshops Update

Sonoma Coast Workshop Update

I've secured a beautiful home for us just south of Bodega Bay. This will serve as our headquarters during the event. There's plenty of room for our classroom and presentation work, plus beautiful areas for relaxing, and even sleeping accommodations for those who wish to stay there.

The reserve list has filled up, and registration starts next week. If you want to be on the waiting list, drop me a line via the Contact Form on www.thenimblephotographer.com.

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