CES 2020 Preview

CES Las Vegas is right around the corner, and I anticipate a good year at the show with many, many tech announcements. I'll have a full report from the event on Tuesday's TDS Photography Podcast. But let's take a moment first to ponder what I'll probably see at the show.


Here are some of the things that are on my radar.

  • New DSLR announcement from Nikon. Most likely the D780 full frame.
  • DJI has something up its sleeve that we will hear about.
  • Lots of 5G news from the mobile sector.
  • Electric bikes and scooters are really going to come into their own this year.
  • Smart homes are going to have to get secure, and that assurance will be their focus.
  • A ton of evolution in the automotive sector, from self-driving to all electric.
  • Folding phones to clever laptops and tablets.
  • Television news, of course.

I'll start my reporting on Sunday night, Jan. 5. The podcast will publish on Monday night, Jan. 6. Stay tuned!

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