Photography in Challenging Times

I've thought a lot about "photography in challenging times" lately, and have been figuring out how to approach it. I've never been a "doom and gloom" reporter. But I'm also a realist and see clearly what's going on around me. So how does that affect what I do with my camera?

san-rafael-bridge.jpeg San Rafael Bridge Heading West During the Summer 2020 Fires - Photo by Derrick Story

The short answer is: "I keep shooting."

The bulk of my pictures are for documentation and the ongoing photo diary. It's important to me to have an accurate account of these events for future reference.

I also share and publish a portion of the work because reporting to the outside world is important. Firsthand experiences are powerful. But for me, it is a matter of balance. I'll try to explain.

We've been going through the pandemic, economic challenge, social unrest, bizarre weather, and unprecedented fires for quite some time now. All of 2020 is scarred by these events.

Images representing these conditions do show up in my Instagram feed. But along the way, we've also seen Comet Neowise, reinvention, and perseverance. And I would like those represented as well.

Good things happen in bad times. I think finding engaging examples of both is important right now. And that will be my focus as we move through the remainder of the year.

I'm curious about your thoughts on this subject. You can share them at the TDS Facebook page, where I'll post this story for discussion.