iPad mini Camera is a Valuable Asset

Taking pictures with the iPad mini is more enjoyable and less awkward than with its bigger brother, the full sized iPad. As I suspected when I originally wrote about necessary features for the mini, the built-in camera is important. And thankfully, it works well.

Cactus with iPad mini Uncropped image from iPad mini processed in iPhoto for iOS. Photo by Derrick Story.

Advantages to using the built-in camera include:

  • No accessories required. The pictures go straight to your Camera Roll.
  • Beautiful, large LCD viewfinder for composition. It's like having a digital view camera. Yet, it's not too big like with the full-sized iPad.
  • Choice of camera software. You can use the built-in Camera app that comes with the mini, or choose other popular apps such as Camera Awesome, Camera+, or ProCamera. They all work great.
  • Image editing is easier than on an iPhone. Sharing, however is just as simple.

The sample image I posted has decent specs: 2,592 x 1,936 (5MP), 1.7 MB file size, f/2.4, 1/840th sec, ISO 32, and 3.3mm focal length.

Even though I do carry a Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader for the mini, if I'm after a quick shot that I want to turnaround fast, such as for an Instagram post, then the iPad mini is definitely a fun option.

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I don't have a Mini yet since I ordered a cell-enabled version; but a couple days ago I saw a guy out on Red Square (at the University of Washington) taking pictures with his iPad Mini. In a world of camera phones, it's still larger than what I'm used to seeing - but it just didn't look as awkward as using a full-size iPad for photos. I suspect the significantly lighter weight will also make it easier to be patient about composition (in comparison to a full-size iPad).

I'm really looking forward to getting mine!

I bought the mini.. Simply adorable! And I have the iPhone so I thought I'd never buy an iPad. This mini is so cute I couldn't resist. Highly recommend.