"LED Panels, SizzlPix Challenge, 7-Step Edit" - Digital Photography Podcast 364

Top stories this week on The Digital Story: LED light panels for product shots anywhere, take the SizzlPix Challenge and get a free 5x7, 7 steps to edit 90 percent of your images.

Story #1 - LED Light Panels - I have an LED on-camera light panel that's about 5.5" wide and mounts in the hot shoe of my camera or on a stand. I've been using it often for product shots.

I have my light panel attached to one of the larger Joby Gorillapodsm the Focus. It's easy to position that way. It's been handy for putting a splash of light here and there, or serving as a small fill light. I often use natural light through the window as my main light with the light panel filling in from there.

Prices range from about $100 to $250. There are bargain units out there too. If you are considering a LED panel, I discuss four points to keep in mind. The model I'm currently using is the Litepanels Micro LED On-Camera Light that sells for $190.

Story #2 - The SizzlPix Challenge - Here's your chance to see your favorite image Sizzled for free. Here's how it works.

For a limited time, fill out an order on the SizzlPix website and put "TDS" or "The Digital Story" in the comments field to take the Challenge. Follow the directions to upload your image.

You'll soon receive a free mini-seven inch section of your own SizzlPix. After examining the free mini-sample, if you don't agree that SizzlPix is the finest output for your photography, you haven't paid a penny. If you love it, then order the full size image. But there's no obligation what-so-ever.

Story #3 - 7-Step Workflow for Aperture - If you're new to Aperture, or you just want a concise workflow that will improve 90 percent of your images, take a look at my latest editing article. The workflow applies to iPhoto, Lightroom, and even iPhoto for iOS.

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Hi Derrick,

Enjoyed your latest podcast. As always I find them very helpful. Also read your article on the 7 steps on MacWorld. You are correct that you can put those steps to use with both Aperture and Lightroom. I go back and forth between Aperture and Lightroom and as you stated they are both great programs.

Just wondering if you are going to post anymore reviews on the Drobo 5D? I really found those to be helpful. Just wondering if you have now gone full force with the Drobo 5D and if the performance of the Drobo is worth the investment? I am still trying to decide if I should make the investment.



Hi Stu,

Yes, actually have a "The Return of Drobo" installment in the calendar for next week. I'm still relying heavily on it for my photo management. Current bottom line - love it via Thunderbolt and USB 3, not so much when I have to connect it to a USB 2 only computer.

Also, I have asked for a discount code from Drobo for out listeners. Have not heard back yet. Will update next podcast on that too.

Great podcast. I actually would like to tip my hat to you as well. So many of the photographers out on the web have such drastic opinions of what is right and wrong it's refreshing to listen to someone who knows there is more than one way to make a great image. Aperture/Lightroom, whatever works for you is what you use. Thanks for that attitude week in and week out. Keep up the great work.

The internet has grown into such a hateful place. Crazy that these folks would even take the time to read the article headline, let alone take the time to comment on something they don't have an interest in. That's what makes the smaller, more focused communities like the Digital Story so important in my books.

Keep up the great work, Derrick! It's important to us who are actually paying attention and using the info in our work/hobbies.

I uploaded a picture to SizzlPix to get a 5x7 sample.
I ordered this picture on aluminum from another company in December because I had a coupon. When I received it I wondered if a SizzlPix would have looked better. Now I'll be able to find out.
This is a great offer and I look forward to comparing the two pictures.
I enjoy listening to your podcasts and hope to attend one of your workshops in the future.

Hi Derick,

What's you take on this LED panel? How does it compare to the Litepanel LED you use?
It's a bit less expensive.

The ML240 Mini LED by Manfrotto:


Big thanks!!

It looks like a quality product. Only two AAA batteries if I'm reading that right, which probably means its output is less that what I'm using, 4 AA batteries. It does have a dimmer dial :-)

Thanks so much for the useful info. As a happy and satisfied Aperture user, I found the article helpful. Thanks and keep up the great work. Cheers.