Eye-Fi Mobi Simplifies Wireless Connectivity


On pages 16-18 of iPad for Digital Photographers, I talk about uploading images wirelessly via the Eye-Fi card. Even though the system worked, I didn't find it as elegant as with the Toshiba FlashAir card that I wrote about on pages 18-21.

The folks at Eye-Fi must have felt the same way. They've just released the mobi+WiFi card that creates its own access point, like the Toshiba FlashAir. The mobi card talks directly to the Eye-Fi iOS app on your iPad. The mobi has an advantage over FlashAir in that it's available with a 16 GB capacity as well as an 8 GB model. It's also rated a faster class 10 for speed.

I have a 16 GB model ordered, and I'll report on its performance once I have a chance to test it.


Enjoying the book, was looking for the toshiba wifi card on amazon today and saw this eye-fi, will await your report back.

Im really enjoying the podcast. I almost baught the flashair. Now im waiting for your review. Do either transfer raw? Which card is faster across wifi? I look forward to hearing your thaughts.

Hi there...

I don't recommend transferring Raw files to an iPad unless absolutely necessary. Those big files really slow down the workflow. Personally, I think shooting Raw+Jpeg is the way to go. Transfer the Jpegs to your iPad while on the go, and upload the Raw files to your computer when you get home.

That being said, the Toshiba FlashAir card can transfer Raw files when used with the Toshiba app.

I have not tested Raw transfer with the Eye-Fi Mobi yet, but will soon.