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On August 13, 2013, PhotoSync released version 2.0 of their robust photo transfer app. This latest version (free to existing owners and $1.99 for new purchases in the iTunes App Store), includes 50 new features.

FlashAir Card Share in PhotoSync 2

My favorite among them is the ability to transfer files from W-Fi SD cards to your iPad. This new functionality works with Toshiba FlashAir cards (that I cover on pages 18-21) and with the Transcend Wi-Fi SD card. At this time, PhotoSync does not work with Eye-Fi cards, including the new Eye-Fi Mobi. However the Eye-Fi iOS app is pretty good.

So, those using the FlashAir WiFi SD cards have another option in addition to FlashAir's app (average at best), Olympus Share (pretty good), and now PhotoSync 2.0 (very good).

An iOS Preview by Matt Gemmell

Later this year Apple will take the wraps off iOS 7. Initial reviews of the beta version have been mixed. Many feel that Apple needs to modernize the appearance of its operating system to stay competitive. Others feel that they may have gone too far in terms of flattening the look and making the type less bold.

iOS 7 Home Screen beta iOS 6 on the left and a beta version of iOS 7 on the right.

Design expert Matt Gemmell provides a detailed review of the development process for Apple's new mobile operating system in his post, iOS 7. If you're curious about what's coming down the pike, and why, you should read Matt's article.

Thumbnail image for FlashAir App for iOS

Author's Note - Good news! Olympus has brought OI Share back to the App Store, and with a new look. You can read all about it here: Olympus Image Share for iOS is Back in App Store, dated June 18, 2013.

One of my favorite companion apps for the Toshiba FlashAir card is the Olympus OI Share app that I cover on pages 20-21 of the book, "iPad for Digital Photographers." Unfortunately, the app is currently not available in the iTunes App Store.

I don't know if this is a temporary situation or if it's gone for good. And I have no information as to why. I'm hoping that it's being replaced by a more robust application. If that's the case, I will certainly post about it here.

In the meantime, if you already have Olympus OI Share, hang on to it. I think it's very useful. If you didn't have a chance to grab it before its disappearance, you can use the FlashAir app (shown above), which is free, or ShutterSnitch that costs $19.99.

For those who haven't purchased the Toshiba FlashAir card, consider the brand new Eye-Fi Mobi that provides the same direct access as Toshiba FlashAir, but connects to a free Eye-Fi app that is excellent.

In the meantime, I'll monitor the situation.


On pages 16-18 of iPad for Digital Photographers, I talk about uploading images wirelessly via the Eye-Fi card. Even though the system worked, I didn't find it as elegant as with the Toshiba FlashAir card that I wrote about on pages 18-21.

The folks at Eye-Fi must have felt the same way. They've just released the mobi+WiFi card that creates its own access point, like the Toshiba FlashAir. The mobi card talks directly to the Eye-Fi iOS app on your iPad. The mobi has an advantage over FlashAir in that it's available with a 16 GB capacity as well as an 8 GB model. It's also rated a faster class 10 for speed.

I have a 16 GB model ordered, and I'll report on its performance once I have a chance to test it.

My Favorite iPad mini Case

Brenthaven Trek Folio Case

I've been using the stylish Brenthaven Trek Folio case for my iPad mini, and I love it.

Even though it has a hard shell to protect the back, and a soft microfiber lining for the front cover, it's thin and doesn't add noticeable bulk to my mini. I've been using the Brenthaven for a few months now, and it looks just as good as the day I bought it.

FlashAir App for iOS

On pages 18-21 of iPad for Digital Photographers, I extol the virtues of the Toshiba FlashAir Wireless SD Card, and how well it works with the Olympus Image Share iOS app. This is a tandem that I continue to enjoy.

But I also want to let you know about the free FlashAir app by Toshiba for the iPad. The one thing it does so well is provide a means to change the name of your FlashAir card network without any hassle via the FlashAir Settings menu. So my network names can be as obvious or as discreet as I want.

FlashAir App for iOS

You can also browse and download pictures off the FlashAir card with this app, but I still prefer using Olympus Image Share for that. But I keep both applications on my iPad. And you may want to also.

Here's a sweet update. PayPal is now offering an iPad version of PayPal Here, the app that allows you to accept credit cards with a swiper accessory (free to PayPal users).

Paypal Here for iPad

In iPad for Digital Photographers, I recommended the iPhone version of this app for PayPal users. It wasn't particularly beautiful on the iPad, but it did work well. Now we have both!

I tested the new iPad version, and it works great. Once you have it set up, you can delete the old iPhone version from your iPad. You won't want to be using it anymore once you experience the joy of the iPad version.

I write about PayPal Here on pages 219-221 of the book.

Hotels and PhotoSync


Hotel WiFi networks are not as straight-forward as the wireless you have at home or at the office. As a result, you might not be able to send images from device to device via PhotoSync and WiFi.

In those situations, keep in mind that PhotoSync can also send photos to Dropbox. I can upload a file from one device or my computer to Dropbox, then grab it with another. It adds one extra step, but for those situations where direct transfer doesn't work, this method is a lifesaver.

The "Flattening" of iOS 7


The first round of rumors about iOS 7 are beginning to circulate. And one of the most interesting has to do with new man in charge, Jony Ive, flattening the look of iOS. If this is true, say goodbye to the colorful icons that marked the Scott Forstall era.

Some folks believe that the monochrome move will help the iOS stay relevant looking as it marches into the future. They may be right. But from my experience with the "flattening" of Aperture 3.3, lots of users did not like it.

We'll see what we see in the Fall when iOS 7 is expected to debut.

Dropbox for iPad Version 2.1.4


No significant feature additions to Dropbox 2.1.4 for iOS, released on April 22, 2013. But there are some solid bug fixes. So it's definitely worth the update for your iPad.

Tip: The interface for reading PDFs in Dropbox is quite good. But if you want more features, such as bookmarking, then use the "Open In" command (icon in upper right corner) and view the document in GoodReader for the iPad.