Dropbox is Storage, but Sharing too

My view of Dropbox has expanded over the time that I've been using it. Initially, I just wanted offsite storage to protect my content. And it's great for that. But I've noticed that I have many shared folders, often containing that very content I've backed up, with just about every client and collaborator whom I work with. And I would say at this point in time, that I would miss the sharing aspect of the service just about as much as the storage.

That's not to say that protection of my images isn't still the top priority. And to highlight that point, that's what I talk about in this movie: basic backup that can integrate with Lightroom, Photos for OS X, your mobile devices, and just about anything else.

But once that need has been met, sharing becomes just as important. That's a real need today: finding an easy way to collaborate in the business environment. And as I work through the lynda.com title on "Dropbox for Photographers," I show how to integrate these two features - both of which are valuable for the modern digital photographer.


More Dropbox Tips and Techniques

If you want to dig into Dropbox, take a look at my lynda.com training, Dropbox for Photographers. For those who want to learn more about Photos for OS X, I also have the title, Up and Running with Photos for OS X.

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