Apple RAW Compatibility Update 2.6 Supports T1i, D5000

Good timing for new camera owners. Apple's Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 2.6 brings Raw support to the new Canon T1i (500D), Canon EOS Kiss Digital X3, Nikon D5000, and the Olympus E-30. Since the update is implemented system-wide, the upgrade applies to Aperture, iPhoto, and Preview applications.

I had Canon T1i and Olympus E-30 Raw files already in my Aperture library. This meant that I could look at thumbnails, but if I tried to view anything larger, I would get a "file not supported" message with no image. After applying the 2.6 update, the message went away, but Aperture still had a hard time generating full size previews from the Canon T1i Raw files.

When I uploaded new T1i Raw files to Aperture after the update, however, everything worked great, and the new Raw decoding for the camera was quite attractive.

So I guess the moral of the story is not to add Raw files to Aperture until the camera is officially supported.



Can't you select the ones you previously imported and choose "Migrate Images" from the file menu to update them with the new RAW decode?

Hi Kip,

That's what I'm going to try next. For some reason, since Aperture decodes on the fly, I thought it would just apply the new Raw decoding to the old files. Then all I would have to do is hold down the Option key and select Update Preview to generate a new previews. But what actually happened was the new previews were only 260 pixels wide. Weird.

So, I'm going to keep playing with those existing shots. I can always reimport them if I have to. Meanwhile, the newly imported images look great. This looks like a solid Raw decode for the T1i.

Still no RAW for my favourite compact the Panasonic Lumix LX3. Will it ever come?

So, to upgrade the existing T1i Raws in the library that were placed there before Update 2.6, I selected the thumbnails, then chose Migrate Images from the File menu. It took about 8 minutes for Aperture to process 280 files. After that I could view the full size images even though Aperture was still processing the thumbnails. Thanks for the tip Kip and Bill. I'm sure this will help others too!

Great, glad it worked for you!

Great tip guys! Thanks. I'll try that now with my previously unsupported raw files. I do agree with Markus about the LX3 though. What's up with that? Will it ever be supported?