Two Ways to Create Title Slides for Aperture 3 Videos


Building movies in Aperture 3 that combine still images and video snippets is a great way to improve your presentations. There are two simple ways to add a title slide to the video.

The first is the default method where you simply check the box next to "Show title" in the Default tab. Aperture will use the name you've given to the slideshow project and overlay it on the first image. If you want to adjust the font or color, click on the buttons to the right of the check box.


A second method, and the one I prefer, is to go to the gear menu and choose, "Insert Blank Slide With Text." Again you have font and color options, but now you're making your adjustments in the Selected Slides tab.

You can create as many title slides as you want, and drag them to any point in the presentation. They're a handy tool for adding that professional touch to your work.

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What I really want is a way to animate titles like in iMovie, or Final Cut. My ultimate solution would be to be able to use LiveType titles and drag them into a slideshow similar to an audio track. I wouldn't need anything else.

I also wish I could do gradients and have more color options with title slides, but that's easy to get around.

Finally, Derrick, there's another way to do a title on any slide. Use the Show Text function for an individual slide and set it to custom. Then you can drag it anywhere on the slide or change the font. You can do this with a couple versions of a photo, like a title on a B&W before a dissolve to the actual color photo w/o a title. There's of extra little tricks with doing titles to add that drama or emphasis (and that extra touch) to slideshows.

Great tip Michael. Thanks so much for sharing it!

I'm trying to do that very thing right now. However, when I go to the drop-down, both Insert Blank Slide and Insert Blank Slide With Text is grayed out. Any way to make it selectable?

I think only the classic and Ken Burns allow you to insert blank slides - all the rest have this function greyed out.