The "Cars of Cuba" Fine Art Notecard Project

When I returned from Cuba, I had many requests for pictures of classic American cars. The thinking being that once the embargo is lifted (if indeed that happens), the streets of Havana will soon look much different.

Instead of putting a gallery online, I decided to make fine art notecards to give as gifts and to sell in the Nimble Photographer store. This was a good choice because the images on paper feel more like my experiences in Cuba than they would as a gallery on a computer display.

Fine Art Notecards of Classic American Cars in Cuba

After selecting a handful of pictures to feature, the next step was to decide the "look" for the prints. I wanted something that felt like traditional Havana. I played with various color palettes and opted for a rendering that had a mild tobacco tint. I then added an old style film edge as the finishing touch.

The Lone Freeway - Cuba "The Lone Freeway, Cuba" - We traveled on this quiet highway from Havana to Trinidad. Photo by Derrick Story.

Red River Paper

The paper selection was also important. I chose 72lb. GreenPix Photo Matte 7x10 by Red River Paper. GreenPix Photo Matte is made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled content (this felt consistent with Cuba's judicial use of resources). Plus it has a subtle warm tone that complemented the tobacco palette I was using for the photos.

Producing these prints feels far more satisfying than a web gallery. During my time in Cuba, I interacted with many artists and often purchased their work to bring home. I remember how carefully I guarded the items until I returned to my room that night.

Producing prints that I can hand to others keeps those good feelings alive. And now, I feel more connected than ever to the artists who inspired me during my visit.

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