iCloud and Photos for OS X

A big advantage to Photos for OS X is its iCloud integration. This allows photographers to tie together their mobile devices with their computers. Regardless of where an image is captured or uploaded, it's immediately available on all the other devices, plus it's backed-up in the cloud too.

If you have a Mac and have not set this up yet, it's easy and only takes a minute. Here's a quick walk through to get you up to speed.

After you enable Photos integration on your Mac, check all of your iOS devices too. Just go to Settings > iCloud > Photos and turn on all the switches (except for Upload Burst Photos, which I leave off).

That's all there is to it. From that point forward, every picture you capture with an iPhone, or upload to Photos, will be shared across all of your devices.

icloud-settings.jpg It's easy to turn on iCloud for Photos on your Mac.

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Get Up and Running with Photos for OS X

Want to learn the ins and outs of Apple's latest photo management application? Then take a look at my latest online video training, Up and Running with Photos for OS X. Soon, both you, and your pictures, will be comfortable in their new home.

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