New Dropbox Integration with Gmail Handy for Photos

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If you use Gmail with the Chrome browser, there's an easy new way to send and share photos. The Chrome extension, Dropbox for Gmail, only takes seconds to install, and adds a Dropbox icon to your composed emails allowing you to quickly attach photos.

Even though this doesn't initially sound like ground-breaking technology, in use it's quite handy, especially if you're using Dropbox to backup your mobile photos. The workflow goes something like this.


  • Capture images with your smartphone, tablet, and camera. They all flow into Dropbox if you're using automatic backup.
  • Install the Dropbox for Gmail extension, then compose an email.
  • Click on the Dropbox icon in the bottom left corner of your composed note. Browse your images and find what you want to attach.
  • Send your note. The recipient will receive the image that can be downloaded, plus a link that opens the picture in the shared environment in Dropbox. Here, comments can be added to the picture.

In my tests, I found the feature very easy to use. And since I do use Drobbox backup for my mobile images, I always have the latest pictures at my fingertips.

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