The AURTEC Drone Landing Pad - Yes, You Need It

One of the things that came up while Mike Boening and I were talking quadcopters on a recent TDS Podcast, was the value of a landing pad for your drone. No, it's not a gimmick. It's a real accessory that I think you'll like once you try it.

"Why?" you may ask. "Dust" is the answer.

spark-landing-pad-1024.jpg The AURTEC Drone Landing Pad is a collapsible landing disc that helps control dust when landing your quadcopter.

I spend a lot of time landing on dirt roads or on the edges of vineyards. All of these places are extremely dusty, especially when landing a drone with four spinning propellers.

To help combat this problem, I bought myself a 32" AURTEC Drone Landing Pad for $22 that provides a nice big target for my DJI Spark to touch down. The pad collapses to a mere 12", just like the reflectors that we use for portraits. It includes a case, four stakes, and even landing lights, if you need them.

In addition to keeping my quadcopter cleaner, it's also fun to practice landing on my own instead of using the auto-land feature of the Spark. And for $22, I have to say, not only is it one of my most affordable accessories, it's also one of the coolest.

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