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For the Nov. '11 Photo Assignment, TDS shooters got their grayscale on while exploring the theme Black & White. The imagery in this huge gallery is striking. And which one will be the SizzlPix Pick of the Month? (These will look great Sizzled! I've tried B&W with SizzlPix)

Carl Shortt nov2011_assign

Photo by Carl Shortt, Jr. "This image was captured on November 8, 2011 in Oklahoma City. I was on the 35th floor of what is now the second largest building in our city setting up to take head shots for a local not for profit leadership training organization. This is the view from the room opposite from my photo station. It was a cloudy evening so little outside light was coming into the room. Then, all of a sudden, the room was flooded by beautiful warm light. I turned around to see this scene. I knew that I had only moments to capture this very contrasty light so grabbed my Canon 5D Mark II, switched the dial to C1 which is set to a take a three shot bracketed exposure, pressed the lens to the glass to get rid of reflections and fired off a series of bracketed exposures. The building under construction is the new Devon Energy Tower. I understand that this is the largest building currently under construction west of the Mississippi River. Photomatix Pro was use to render the HDR image and conversion to B&W was done in Nik Silver Effects Pro 2, other adjustments on Lightroom 3." To see all of the other terrific shots from Nov., visit the B&W gallery page.

Participate in This Month's Assignment

The Jan. 2012 assignment is "Mobile Phone." To qualify, the entry image must have been captured with a mobile device. Start working on your contribution now. Details can be found on the Member Participation page. Deadline is Jan. 31, 2012.

Please follow the instructions carefully for labeling the subject line of the email for your submission. It's easy to lose these in the pile of mail if not labeled correctly. For example, the subject line for this month's assignment should be: "Photo Assignment: Jan. 2012." Also, if you can, please don't strip out the metadata. And feel free to add any IPTC data you wish (These fields in particular: Caption, Credit, Copyright, Byline), I use that for the caption info.

Good luck with your Jan. assignment, and congratulations to all of the fine contributors for November.

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SizzlPix! may be from 18" to 60" in the longest dimension. Photographer's cropping will be honored.

Shipping will be within one week. Photographer gives us permission to publicize, with credit, their SizzlPix! made from a cell phone original in yours and our on-line galleries and blogs, Twitter, FaceBook, Google+. etc.

When you fill out your order form for the SizzlPix, add "TDS Jan Offer" to get the discount.

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Top Photography Gear Stories of 2011

The past year showed us how priorities are shifting in the world of photography. New DSLR announcements were at a premium -- in part due to the flooding in Thailand, but also because of a changing market. Mobile devices and Compact System Cameras grabbed more than their fair share of the headlines. I found a comprehensive wrap-up over at photography, with their article, 15 Unforgettable 2011 Highlights of the Digital Photography World.

Glif Tripod Adapter for iPhone 4 The iPhone 4S was a big photography story in 2011, sporting improved optics and an 8MP sensor housed in a very mobile device.

From my own perspective, I thought it was interesting that the only new DSLR camera that turned my head in 2011 was the impressive Pentax K-5, which has become one of my favorite DSLRs. (And it was technically released at the end of 2010, though hard to come by then.)

Compact System Cameras were a much different story. Nikon, Olympus, Samsung, and Panasonic all had big debuts. I've been shooting with the new Olympus PEN E-PM1, and love it. I fell deeper in love when Olympus released the 45mm f/1.8 prime lens to go with it.

And last, but certainly not least, was the iPhone 4S with its great lens system and increased resolution. I've published many shots taken with the iPhone 4S, and it is truly the camera I always have with me.

We'll see what 2012 brings. I suspect we'll see more interesting stories in the DSLR category. I think 2011 was just a off-year timing-wise for those cameras. At the same time, I don't see the CSC and mobile device train slowing down.

What ever happens, I'll be on top on the news and posting the stories that I think are most interesting. Buckle up.

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The Exchange of Ideas

As 2011 comes to a close, and we begin to think about our goals for 2012, improving our photography will be on many lists. I'm about to announce next year's workshop schedule, and one of these events might fit nicely into your aspirations. In addition to the instruction itself, one of the major benefits I've observed is the exchange of ideas among the photographers themselves.

Participants Chatting During Street Shoot
Participants talking about a shoot they had just finished during a recent Lowepro workshop in San Francisco.

Usually, at the beginning of the workshop, folks are a bit quiet and depend on me to lead the conversation. Makes perfect sense. But then, as we begin to work, much of the conversation shifts to with each other. Any of you who have attended one of these events know exactly what I mean.

Learning begins to happen on many different levels at once -- not to mention feedback on project ideas, comments about photos, and ideas about the business side of shooting. Often these conversations extend well beyond the workshop itself.

If you've never had the experience of working with other photographers in a positive environment, consider attending one of these events in 2012. You can get on the reserve list now for the workshop that you find most appealing.

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I just watched a terrific video by Lee Morris of FStoppers about improving the audio for your DSLR videos. I was expecting a complicated setup that I wouldn't be interested in. Instead, he used an iPhone app called iTalk Premium ($1.99) by Griffin Technology. And that was it. He demonstrates the app in this movie.

Use An iPhone To Record High Quality Audio For Your Videos from FStoppers on Vimeo.


You can transfer the audio files from your iPhone to your Mac or Windows computer using iTalk Sync, which is a free download. I've tested the audio recorder and the sync app, and they worked great.

The result is a high quality .AIFF audio file that I can import into Final Cut X to sync with the video. In the tutorial, Lee shows how to do this with Adobe Premier. The process is essentially the same with Final Cut X.

Overall, I think this is a great solution to improve our movie making. I'll be testing it soon for video I'll be recording in Las Vegas for WPPI.

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Winter Shadows

I was scouting a location yesterday afternoon, when I noticed the beautiful graphic design created by winter shadows.


I found a high vantage point and snapped a few images with the iPhone 4S, then processed the picture in Adobe Camera Raw. The low sun this time of year makes for tough driving, but great photography.

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2011 was a busy year for photographers and tech fans alike. In this week's podcast, I review a dozen of the topics that I discussed, each one marking a particular month. I include the podcast number for each in case you want to revisit a particular subject. We began the year with Aperture being available in the new Mac App Store for $80, and close out 2011 with an all-iPad time lapse movie. And there was so much in between. Please join me for this last podcast of 2011.

Listen to the Podcast


You can also download the podcast here (32 minutes). Or better yet, subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. You can support this podcast by purchasing the TDS iPhone App for only $2.99 from the Apple App Store.

Monthly Photo Assignment

Family is the Dec. 2011 Photo Assignment. You can read more about how to submit on our Member Participation page. Deadline for entry is Dec. 31, 2011.

More Ways to Participate

Want to share photos and talk with other members in our virtual camera club? Check out our Flickr Public Group. And from those images, I choose the TDS Member Photo of the Day.

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Monta Ellis scored 26 points and led the Golden State Warriors to a 99-91 victory over the visiting Chicago Bulls last night at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA. I was there with a Zeiss 135mm f/2.8 lens mounted on an Olympus PEN Mini. I talked about this rig in yesterday's blog post.

Monta Ellis Shot in the Lane
"Monta Ellis Shot in the Lane" by Derrick Story

For the shoot, the ISO was set to 1600, aperture at f/2.8, with most of the exposures at 1/1000th of a second. Manual focusing was aided by an Olympus Electronic Viewfinder.

It was an entertaining game and fun to shoot. You can see more of the images on my Flickr Set: Bull vs Warriors.

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For your next event shoot, say a pro basketball game, which would you rather have: a 280mm f/4 on a 21 MP body, or a 270mm f/2.8 on a 12 MP body? Now here's the real question: which one do you think has the best odds of getting in the arena?

canon_vs_oly_pen_280mm.jpg Left - Canon 5D Mark II, 20-200mm f/2.8 zoom, 1.4X extender. Right - Olympus PEN E-PM1 with Carl Zeiss 135mm f/2.8 prime lens.

For tonight's game, I'm choosing the Olympus Pen E-PM1(camera on the right, 12MP, 5 FPS) with a Zeiss 135mm f/2.8 using a Rayqual micro 4/3rds adapter. When I shoot micro 4/3rds, I can double the effective focal length of any lens I mount on the body. And since the Olympus PEN Mini has image stabilization built-in, the lens is automatically stabilized.

If I don't get turned away at the door, I hope to have sample shots for you tomorrow.

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As the New Year approaches, I like to get organized. One of the best ways to store and transport camera gear is with a professional roller bag. I've been testing the new Lowepro Pro Roller Lite 150 AW, and it has become my new "go-to" hold-everything bag. It stores a ton of gear, yet it is ever so nimble: exterior is only 14.0 x 7.3 x 18.8" (35.6 x 18.4 x 47.6 cm). That means it will fit in the overhead compartment of virtually any commercial airplane.

Open - Lowepro Pro Roller Lite 150 AW
Nimble, yes. But this roller stores a ton of gear too.

What's Inside My Bag

  • Canon 5D Mark II with 70-200mm f/2.8 L zoom attached
  • Canon 60D with 15-85mm zoom attached
  • Canon 580EX and 320EX SpeedLites with Off-Camera Shoe Cord
  • Canon 24-105 f/4 L zoom
  • Canon 17-40 f/4 L zoom
  • Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro
  • Sigma 50mm f/1.4 prime
  • Lapel mic
  • Expo Disc (under the 17-40mm zoom)
  • Canon S90 compact camera
  • Rogue FlashBenders
  • iPad 2 (inside pocket)
  • MacBook Air (outside pocket in Acme Made Skinny Sleeve)
  • Batteries, memory cards, etc.
    • Lowepro Pro Roller Lite 150 AW

      Cool Features

      The 150 AW has durable YKK Zippers that accept your TSA lock. On top there's a padded handle, but there are also handles on the other three sides. No matter which way you reach for this bag, you'll have a handle to pull. The in-line skate wheels are user-replaceable with wheels that you can get at any skate supply shop. If the weather turns bad, pull out the attached All Weather cover to protect your gear. (Have you seen the cute stop motion video of the Pro Roller with the AW cover?). The dual-bar extendable handle hides in the back of the bag keeping the overall depth to less that 8". Stretchy front pocket great for disc reflectors, documents, or a MacBook Air.

      Front - Lowepro Pro Roller Lite 150 AW

      The Bottom Line

      If you need a stylish organizer for stowing your gear at home, yet has the versatility to roll out the front door for a road trip, take a look at the $259 Lowepro Pro Roller Lite 150 AW. Great looking, nice capacity, and oh so nimble.

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Canon 85mm f-1.8 Prime Lens

I bought my Canon 85mm f/1.8 EF USM lens for wedding work well over a decade ago. At the time, I was shooting film with an EOS Elan. The 85mm was only my second Canon prime lens, after the 50mm f/1.8.

Cameras have changed a lot since my wedding days. Most of my DSLR work is with the 5D Mark II or 60D. And yet that $350 investment I made so many years ago is still helping me produce some of my favorite images.

The 85mm f/1.8 is affordable. Right now, it's available for $358 at B&H. The focusing is so quiet and fast that you would think it uses the latest in micro motor technology. It's sharp. Very sharp. And when wide open, the bokeh is very pleasing.

Girl on Scooter - Washington DC

"Girl on Scooter" by Derrick Story. Click on image for larger size.

One of the SizzlPix I have hanging in the studio gallery was taken in Washington DC with the 85mm at f/2 on the 5D Mark II. The image has the characteristics of this lens all over it. It's sharp, yet the background is pleasingly soft. And it has a feeling to it that I don't seem to get with other lenses.

When you're thinking about investing in glass, keep in mind, that your favorite lenses will serve you for years. As for me, yes, I'm still crazy about the Canon 85mm f/1.8 prime.

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